Mind Change.

What does “disability” mean to you?

Everyday, we are surrounded by a diversity of lives being lived.
In these environments, we work to live, and eat to live.
How we enjoy our lives differ, depending on our individual values.
Our lives also differ depending on
the “environment” and “obstacles” that surround us.

There are people born with “disabilities,"
or are handicapped due to accidents or circumstances.
These individuals will have less life choices available to them.

What then is a “happiness” that can resonate with each individual?

A “disability” that you can see in a person, may not be an “obstacle” for that person.
Our world is moving towards an era where these “obstacles”
can be overcome by using technology.

When we “Change our Minds,”
and when we look at these obstacles as our own issues,
we can find the motivation to make the world a better place.

LIVES TOKYO 2019 - Programs -
※Registration needed for Hall A talk session (no cost): [ Register ]
※Applications for Hall A via the website, will be closed on Friday, September 13th, at 18:00. We will have some spots available on the day, but please understand that there is a possibility of standing room only.
※We request your understanding in allowing us to use any photos taken on-site for the Hands On Tokyo, LIVES Project website, SNS, etc.
Panel Discussion and Talks
Hall A 10:30 - 18:30
Part 1 10:30-12:40
"Change our Minds"
〜Open-Hearted to All the Challenges〜
Mr. Shinsuke Shimura (CEO, Dialogue in the Dark)
Mr. Shiro Oguni (Producer, The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders)

■Change our Working Minds
The Turning Point in our Working Minds
〜Impact of Education and Work Experience〜

Part 2 14:00-17:00
People, both with or without disability will speak for three minutes each on their experiences, future goals, and hopes for our society.
■Changing Perspectives
〜Fireside Chat with Mrs. Akie Abe〜
Moderator:Mr. Jesper Koll(CEO, WisdomTree Japan)

Fireside Chat #1
〜Coming Out - Uncovered〜
Mr. Atsuhisa Matsumura (CEO, DD Holdings Co., Ltd.)

Fireside Chat #2
〜Toward an Inclusive Culture〜
Dr. Shinichiro Kumagaya (Associate professor, The University of Tokyo)
Networking Reception
Networking 17:15-18:30
Following the discussions and talks at Hall A, a reception will be held for everyone to interact with one another.
Experiential Programs
Hall B 10:30 - 16:00
Experiencing both Disabilities and Technologies that assist Disabled Peoples
The Experience of overcoming “obstacles” by using technology.
Canopy Square 11:30 - 16:00
Para Athlete Talk Show, Para Sports and Prosthetic Experience
■Paralympic Sports Talk Show
MC:Ms. Maiko Kuge

Talk Show #1
Mr. Shinichi Shimakawa (Japan Wheelchair Rugby Player)
Mr. Toshiaki Hirose (Former Japan Rugby Player)

Talk Show #2
Mr. Nobukazu Hanaoka (Former Japan Paralympic Wheelchair Marathon Athlete, Vice Chairman of Japan Para Athletics, Japan Paralympic Committee Member)
■Prosthetic Experience
Prosthetic Foot Experience Booth by "Start Line Tokyo, Prosthetic Athletics Team.
■Five-A-Side Football "Blind Soccer"
Wear an eye mask and use the sound of the moving ball to experience the Paralympic Game of 5-people soccer !
LIVES Food Truck『OOPEN!』(Canopy Square 11:30〜)
The concept of the LIVES food truck "OOPEN!" was born as a result of the LIVES TOKYO 2017 event, with a passionate wish to promote employment for people with disabilities. Starting after LIVES TOKYO 2018, "OOPEN!" visited university campuses and events. People with disabilities, together with student volunteers, will be selling delicious lunch meals.

Hall A speakers

10:30 - 18:30
We will like to introduce the speakers for LIVES TOKYO 2019.
Representatives from top companies in various fields will be presenting.


KEYNOTE "Change our Minds"

10:45〜 Open-Hearted to All the Challenges

Mr. Shinsuke Shimura (CEO, Dialogue in the Dark)
Mr. Shiro Oguni (Producer, The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders)


Change our Working Minds

11:55〜 Impact of Education and Work Experience

Mr. Kazuhiro Uno (University of Tsukuba Special Needs Education School for the Visually Impaired)
Mr. Masashi Oikawa (Accessibility Research, IBM Research - Tokyo)
Moderator:Mr. Jesper Koll(CEO, WisdomTree Japan)


Changing Perspectives
Fireside Chat with Mrs. Akie Abe
Moderator:Mr. Jesper Koll(CEO, WisdomTree Japan)

14:20〜 Fireside Chat #1 Coming Out - Uncovered

Mr. Atsuhisa Matsumura (CEO, DD Holdings Co., Ltd.)

14:55〜 Fireside Chat #2 Toward an Inclusive Culture

Dr. Shinichiro Kumagaya (Associate professor, The University of Tokyo)


Mr. Jesper Koll
(CEO, WisdomTree Japan)

Just Culture ワークショップ

Just Culture Workshop

15:35〜 Toward an Inclusive Culture

"Just Culture" is an environment where people feel mentally free. Through being honest and open about yourself, and accepting your weakness and obstacles, people will learn about themselves and of others. This concept is linked to research of people with disabiities.(Sophisticated support system for lives and employment of people with severe disbilities).



People, both with or without disability will speak for three minutes each on their experiences, future goals, and hopes for our society.

■11:40〜 Ms. Makoto Sonobe, Ms. Yukako Makino, Mr. Osamu Yazawa
■14:05〜 Ms. Tomomi Takada, Ms. Ryoko Nakajima, Mr. Junto Ohki

Hall B

The Experience of overcoming “obstacles” by using technology

10:30 - 16:00
Experiencing both Disabilities and Technologies that assist Disabled Peoples



Developing tools through technology, that can change the concept of “Cannot” to “Can.” Ory is introducing a new method of social participation. OriHime-eye allows communication by fingertips and eye movements to share their feelings. Orihime-D is a robot that enables physical social participation through teleworking.


KAWADA Technologies, inc.

Kawada Technologies will conduct a demonstration with their “robot that co-exists with people.” Japan Robot Therapy Promotion Association will show their relaxation robot, such as Aibo, and guide you how to use them.

トヨタループス(株) 協力:トヨタZEVファクトリー、東京大学

Toyota Loops Corporation Collaboration: TOYOTA ZEV FACTORY, The University of Tokyo

Toyota, and the University of Tokyo, are working together to develop a mounted-type mobility robot, with the aspiration to provide “freedom of movement” to all people.


Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

There are many examples where technology helps the lives of people with intellectual and physical difficulties. They will introduce products and functions for people with disabilities, which are developed using the latest technology, such as AI.



They will introduce “HAL Fit,” a service provided for people who have difficulties moving their bodies. Try the world's first wearable Cyborg HAL, to achieve movement in accordance with his or her will.


SoundUD Consortium

Public and private sectors collaborate to promote universal design of sound, to realize a society where there’s no anxiety of language or hearing.



You can try the next generation electric wheelchair, developed by WHILL Corporation. Move around the booth in an electric wheelchair, in which you do not need to use your arm power at all.

Canopy Square

11:30 - 16:00
Paralympic Sports Talk Show
MC: Maiko Kuge
12:45 - 13:15 Talk1  Shinichi Shimakawa × Toshiaki Hirose
14:45 - 15:15 Talk2  Nobukazu Hanaoka × Toshiaki Hirose × Shintaro Ikeda

Maiko Kuge

Maiko Kuge

Freelance Announcer

She focuses on interviewing para-athletes throughout Japan. She is also a sports writer, photojournalist on para sports and soccer. Board member of NPO Media "Paraphoto."

Shinichi Shimakawa

Shinichi Shimakawa

Japan National Wheelchair Rugby Team Player

He has competed four times in the Paralympic Games from Athens, winning the first bronze medal for the Japan Wheelchair Rugby Team at the Rio Games. He belongs to Barclays and "BLITZ".

Toshiaki Hirose

Toshiaki Hirose

Former Japan National Rugby Team Player

He is an ambassador of the Rugby World Cup 2019, and captain of the "Scrum Unison". He won the All-Japan Championship, as a captain of the "TOSHIBA Brave Lupus". He played 28 games for the Japan Rugby Team, and was the captain in 2012-13.

Nobukazu Hanaoka

Nobukazu Hanaoka

Former Japan Paralympic Wheelchair Marathon Athlete

He was a Paralympian as a Wheelchair Athlete at the Athens and London Games. He is a Hand Cyclist, and works on training young athletes as a coach.


Shintaro Ikeda

Former Japan Olympic Badminton Player

He was an Olympian as a Badminton Player, World Champion Medalist, and the first Japanese professional badminton player. He is currently working on the promotion of Badminton, as well as an ambassador of various organizations, companies and brands.

Shigeo Yoshihara

Shigeo Yoshihara

Former Japan National Blind Soccer Team Player

He is a Paralympian as Athletics (high jump) and Bicycling. He was in Paralympics four times, and won four medals (gold, silver and bronze). Also, he is a Japan National Blind Soccer Team Player, representative and player of "Nogizaka Knights".

Wheelchair Racer Experience

Prosthetic Experience

Prosthetic Foot Experience Booth by Japan's best sports articial prosthetist, Fumino Usui and "Start Line Tokyo", Prosthetic Athletics Team.

Five-A-Side Football Blind Soccer

Five-A-Side Football "Blind Soccer"

Wear an eye mask and use the sound of the moving ball to experience the Paralympic Game of 5-people soccer! Blind Soccer Demonstration by "Nogizaka Knights", Blind Soccer Team.

Prosthetic Experience

Wheelchair Racer Experience

Let's try the Paralympian Top Speed of Wheelchair Racer!


Takaaki Shirai

Takaaki Shirai

Violinist who plays violin with a soul. Each sound is full of emotions, and is a song in itself. He released his new album in August 2019.



A completely born blind singer, who lives in Aichi Prefecture. She took part in the "24 Hour TV " (Chukyo TV) for the past three years, and is actively doing her live performances and going around schools to give lectures.



Beverly was born in the Philippines and is a world-class singer. She has won various music awards in the U.S. and Philippines. She will sing the LIVES Theme Song "Happy Now" which was composed and produced by sound producer Tsunku♂.

Para Dance

Para Dance

Creators The organisation aims to create Para-dance Art which surpasses the wall of disbilities, through wheel-chair dance.

Kodomonoshiro Children's Chorus

Kodomonoshiro Children's Chorus

The group received Child Welfare Culture Award in 2002 and 2016 . Our biggest joy is to meet new people, and we are looking forward to getting to know you today through songs.


Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee

“Our partners (Employees) with or without disabilitieswork together and provide you with a "Starbucks Experience."

Pasona Heartful

Pasona Heartful

“There is No Barrier to Talent.” With this as our concept, Pasona Heartful will sell their products that are made with love by their members.

Factory AI

Factory AI

At Factory AI, people with disabilities make their products out of indigo dye.



Sweet dreams and smiles. Each employee makes their sweets with a sincere and caring mind.


Tokyo Midtown(9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

By Subway
  • Toei Oedo Line: Direct passage from Roppongi Station (Exit 8)

  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line: Direct passage via underground passageway from Roppongi Station (Exit 4a)
  •  ※ Passengers with wheelchairs or strollers taking the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line are encouraged to go up to the ground level from Roppongi Station (Exit 4a)
  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line: 3-minute walk from Nogizaka Station (Exit 3)
  • Tokyo Metro Namboku Line: 10-minute walk from Roppongi-itchome Station (Exit 1)

  • By Bus
  • Toei Route 01: 2-minute walk from "Roppongi-ekimae" bus stop
  • Community Bus "Chi-i-bus": 1-minute walk from "Roppongi 7-chome" or "Hinokicho Koen" bus stop

  • LIVES TOKYO 2018 Movie

    The Movie of "LIVES TOKYO 2017" is Here


    Our vision is to create an inclusive society.
    A place where everyone‘s personality is valued,
    and every individual is able to work, eat, and laugh together,
    regardless of their physical and mental capability.


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    OryLaboratory / Kawada Technologies, Inc.
    Toyota Loops Corporation Collaboration: TOYOTA ZEV FACTORY, The University of Tokyo
    Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. / CYBERDYNE Inc.
    SoundUD Consortium / WHILL Inc.
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