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LIVES has a vision of a perfect inclusive society.

Working every day, eating every day, and laughing every day, should be a part of our daily lives. However, there are those who cannot do what we could consider as our daily activities.
Japan continues to be a difficult environment for those with disabilities to join the workforce and be a part of the community.
How difficult it is for people with mental, intellectual and physical challenges to live like others in our current society!
LIVES has a vision of a perfect inclusive society- a place where everyone's personality is valued and every individual is able to work, eat, and laugh together, regardless of their physical and mental capability.


The fact of Lives Project
Roughly 1 in 9 People in Japan Have
a Disability, Disease, or Disorder
* Note: There is some overlap between the number of people who possess disability passbooks and those who possess passbooks for intractable diseases.
Accordingly, the total number of 17.5 million people has been multiplied by 0.8% to become 14 million people.

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Organization - LIVES Project

  • Leader那部 智史Satoshi Nabe
  • 一木 裕佳Yuka Ichiki
  • Arts and Creative Mind
  • Art of The Rough Diamonds
  • Rotary Club of Tokyo Atago
Project management volunteer
  • 平澤 綾・潮Aya & Ushio Hirasawa
LIVES ✕ University
  • Leaderハイケ・ボエルチッグ=ブラウンHeike Boeltzig-Brown
  • 宇野 和博Kazuhiro Uno
  • 熊谷 晋一郎Shinichiro Kumagaya
  • 佐藤 北斗Hokuto Sato
  • 高木 俊雄Toshio Takagi
  • 古橋 大地Taichi Furuhashi
  • ラミチャネ カマルKamal Lamichhane
  • 渡部 真美Mami "May" Watabe
Project management volunteer
  • ユコヴィッチ マキMaki Yukevich
LIVES ✕ Technology
  • Leader川田 忠裕Tadahiro Kawada
  • 佐藤 仙務Hisamu Sato
  • 白井 長興Nagaoki Shirai
  • 鈴木 恭子Kyoko Suzuki
  • 竹村 和浩Kazuhiro Takemura
  • 堤 美帆Miho Tsutsumi
  • 森 康明Yasuaki Mori
  • 吉藤 オリィOry Yoshifuji
  • 渡辺 清美Kiyomi Watanabe
Other Advisors
  • 安倍 昭恵Akie Abe
  • 牛尾 美湖Miko Ushio
  • 大胡田 誠Makoto Oogoda
  • 小林 公成Kosei Kobayashi
  • 佐藤 典雅Norimasa Sato
  • 志賀 友香里Yukari Shiga
  • 志村 真介Shinsuke Shimura
  • 寺尾 志保Shiho Terao
  • 長谷部 真奈見Manami Hasebe
  • 山口 和宏Kazuhiro Yamaguchi
  • 山﨑 桜Sakura Yamazaki
  • 山本 薫Kaoru Yamamoto
  • 山本 のり子Noriko Yamamoto
  • 渡部 哲也Tetsuya Watanabe

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