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The LIVES Food Truck Project, which has been a popular lunch destination in Tokyo since 2018, is dedicated to "work, eat, and laugh" for people with disabilities.
The purpose of the LIVES Food Truck, where staff with disabilities and volunteers enjoy working together, is to convey the importance of building deep human relationships with each other, regardless of disability, and to contribute to raising social awareness to create a working and living environment that is inclusive of everyone.
For the staff working here, it is also a place where they can take the next step toward employment.

Main Locations

* Students only

Our Project's Renewal, and 5th Anniversary!
Get involved today and help us move forward!

This year, as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our activities, we are renewing our project with the hope of spreading this initiative to an even greater number of people.

For this new project, we have welcomed a new partner, DEAN & DELUCA, a global food boutique, and will be working with Kakewa, a student-led joint venture for agriculture x welfare collaboration.
With the LIVES food truck as a starting point, we aim to be a positive step forward, creating new value and change, by bringing together farmers, students, cooks, chefs and people from diverse backgrounds with the vision of creating an inclusive society.

DEAN & DELUCA, which aims to be a food platform, and "Chef's Gathering Box," a valuable and delicious lunch box, created by restaurant chefs from various genres.

Chef's Gathering Box

  • Chef Yonezawa, No Code
    Chef Yonezawa, No Code
  • Chef Kakegawa, Ata
    Chef Kakegawa, Ata
  • Chef Akiyama, DEAN & DELUCA
    Chef Akiyama, DEAN & DELUCA
  • Chef Sato, Cristiano's
    Chef Sato, Cristiano's

The individuality of each person shines through, with everyone working together, eating together, and laughing together.
Your generous support will be a big step towards a more inclusive society.

Please support LIVES Kitchen in connecting local communities through “eating together.”

LIVES Food Truck Project