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Understanding and Exploring Perspective through Sports!LIVES SPORTS

The LIVES×SPORTS project aims to promote awareness of parasports by collaborating with parasports athletes, fostering a deeper understanding of disabilities through sports, and working together towards common goals while providing opportunities for enjoyable new insights.

Currently, our "Diversity Recreation" program allows participants to experience what it's like to "see" what is normally "unseen" by wearing blindfolds. In our everyday lives, we depend on our sense of sight for around 80% of the information we receive. But in this program, participants wear blindfolds and engage in fun activities, challenging them to rely on other senses and fostering teamwork, communication, and connections among participants, even if they've just met. It's a unique opportunity to develop skills like active listening, effective communication, and empathy, ultimately leading to stronger bonds.

Additionally, we plan to organize a gathering to watch paralympic sports in the future to provide opportunities for people to learn and discover about various parasports. These events emphasize that parasports play a vital role not only for individuals with disabilities but also for those without, promoting a better understanding of their significance. Through these collaborative opportunities, we aim to convey the greatness of sports.